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  • Research & Strategy

    Business ideas are plentiful in the market! We, at encreare, work with our clients to understand their business. The business analysis we undertake tells us what we need to know before making any changes to your product or business concept. Our work to improve your brand is heavily influenced by the information gathered in our research, ensuring that we take the best course of action for both you and your customers.

  • Brand Strategy

    Building a brand that your customers fall in love with and engage with as they transact is one of the most rewarding qualities of any business. And it matters now more than ever! Powerful brands don’t just happen; they are built and nurtured. With our brand strategy, we bring you closer to: align brand values, teams, communication, context and business model.

    • Brand Positioning and Tagline
    • Brand Messaging
    • Brand Voice and Verbal Guidelines
    • Brand Values and Behaviours
    • Brand Architecture
    • Brand Portfolio Strategy
    • Company and Product Naming
  • Identity Design

    The emotions attached to a brand, recognisable through it’s personalised identity, can evoke a sense of belonging. Creating these instant brand associations involves a lot of effort and creative elements. Every colour, every typeface, every shape and every line has to align with what your vision is — this is how we make your vision a reality.

    • Corporate Identity
    • Logo and Visual Systems
    • Literature Systems
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Marketing Templates
    • Signage and Environmental Design
  • Creative Content

    As brands communicate constantly through a variety of mediums, strategies become meaningful through creatively crafted digital experiences that are marketed to those communicating with you. Quality content is the centerstage of any campaign, whereby your customers fall in love with your brand. It’s what they share with friends and loved ones, save for later, and remember down the line — it’s the brand magic!

    • Content Development
    • Social Media Management
    • Infographics
    • Designing Advertising Campaigns
  • Digital Marketing

    In today’s evolving digital world, marketing means putting humans at the centre of your brand’s story; creating a narrative where the audience has a sense of ownership in your business, where their experiences are valued through data, and where they are acknowledged and appreciated.

    • Digital Strategy
    • User Experience Design
    • Information Architecture
    • Content Development
    • Website Design and Development
    • Brand Asset Management
  • Corporate Engagement

    We help our clients to communicate their values and share their vision with employees as well as customers through images, brand behaviour and visual content. Essentially, these conversations – facts, emotions and culture – are the narrative that will guide your brand’s communication and marketing decisions, creating a sense of belonging for both employees and customers.

    • Brand Launch Strategy
    • Internal Communications
    • Brand Immersion Workshops
    • Brand Behaviour and Experience Workshops
    • Employee Communications and Training Programme
    • Customer Experience Activation

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